Dorian Shale

The Auther (Not that one Megan)


Name: Dorian
Age: 37
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Author
Traits: Never smiles, always appears in deep thought.

Likes: Writing, Books, Making up stories.
Dislikes: “Uneducated”

- None known of

Appearance: An average man with a well structured face, his age is beginning to show, his hair is slicked back and he often keeps a serious look on his face.
Height: 5’9"
Attire: A button up shirt with a vest and a scarf to complament the outfit regardless of weather.
Notable Items:


To the region of Baemore, Dorian is often seen as a strange man who writes books, popular mainly with men and women who wish to escape their boring lives, Dorian captures the ignorant by attempting to use large words and complex structures that make little sense to those who know for sure they are built.

Dorian Shale

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